Add a little color to your life

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  Color is a great way to breathe new life into old cabinets. It is also a wonderful way to express your unique personality and bring a personal touch into your Toronto home. If you’re good at DIY, then get out your paint and brushes, and give your kitchen cabinets a fresh new look. Classic White If you’re not too adventurous and you’re looking for something classic, with a wide appeal, then Read More

How to Avoid Paint Peeling

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Why Is My Paint Peeling Off?   Paint Peeling is a very frustrating but common issue when it comes to home paint. It happens when the paint loses adhesion to the surface, and could be either a single or multiple coats of paint. Possible reasons could be: Roof or wall leaking. Moisture seepage through surfaces. Inferior quality paint was used. Oil-based paint  was applied over a wet surface. Earlier paint blistering. Bad surface preparation before Read More

7 Reasons Why Painting Your House Is A Good Idea

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There are two main reasons why people usually decide to give their home in a fresh coat of paint: to increase your properties value before selling it; and to give dirty walls and surfaces a fresh and cleaner look. Probably everyone agree this are the most common reasons, but there are some more added values that a fresh coat of paint can provide. Lets go ahead and review some facts that you Read More

Benefits of Wood Staining over Painting

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Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary (, the leading painting and renovating company serving the Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, and Cochrane areas, is announcing the top benefits of considering wood stain over paint on both exterior and interior projects. “With the warm summer weather finally here, many homeowners are looking at tackling both interior and outdoor projects,” says Chris White,owner of Platinum Pro Painters – Calgary. “The most popular outdoor projects are decks and Read More

Are You In Need Of A Career Change?

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Are you in need of a career change? Are you excited about the prospect of owning your own business, making executive decisions and controlling your own destiny? Platinum Pro Painters is among one of the most successful businesses of today! With the ultimate in support, your fellow Franchisees and Franchiser are on hand to offer suggestions and ideas whenever you need it. There is something to be said about stepping into a Read More

Join Our Winning Team And Secure Your Future!

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Becoming a Franchisee owner is one of the most gratifying and rewarding ways to enter into the world of business. Once all of the initial work has been done and all of the wrinkles have been ironed out by your Franchiser, what could be better! If you have over the top work ethics and an eye for business, you can and will be successful. Platinum Pro Painters is on the map and Read More